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Little Adams Peak

Away 4.5 Km from Ornateview

This 5-hour hike gives you a chance to experience the Sri Lankan countryside in a hike up to the summit of Little Adam’s Peak and on a cross country hike across to Demodara Railway Station. See the great views from the summit of Little Adams Peak. Walk over the famous Nine Arches Bridge with its rampant history. Hike to the Demodara Railway Station and see the unique looping railroad, a piece of architecture that is only present at Demodara in Sri Lanka.

Lipton’s seat

Away 24 Km from Ornateview

Lipton’s seat is one of the attractive observation points of Sri Lankan Tourism. It is located on the top of the Poonagala hill near the Dambetenna tea factory in Poonagala, Sri lanka. The place gets this name after the famous tea planter Sir Thomas Lipton used this place to survey the surrounding region of his tea plantations.

9 Arch Bridge

Away 3.7 Km from Ornateview

The Demodara nine arch railway bridge is located between Demodara and Ella railway stations. Specialty of this bridge is that, it’s constructed with stones, bricks and cement, but without any steel.

Construction of this bridge was started during the first world war time and British government was not in a position to provide the required steel supply for the constructions. So the construction was delayed and a local resident call Mr. P.K. Appuhamy came up with the plan of building with only bricks, stones and cement. He got the approval and support from the British engineers and today you can see the results of his team’s effort.

Tea Plantation

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Ceylon tea is one of Sri Lanka’s primary exports. It all started when British-born James Taylor first began developing Ceylon tea at the country’s first tea estate, Loolecondera, in 1867. Located in Kandy’s hill-country, the estate’s tea plantations soon spawned a tea factory and Sri Lanka’s tea industry has been growing ever since. As many as 28 different grades of Ceylon tea are produced at plantations across the island, from the country’s biggest tea-growing region, Sabaragamuwa, to the sparsely populated Uva province in the south east

Rawana Cave Temple

Away 3.5 Km from Ornateview

The Ravana Ella Cave is located on a cliff close to Ella, 4490ft above sea level and can be visited on a day trip from the villages of Ella or Bandarawela. This cave is part of a tunnel or network of caves said to be connected to the Ravana Ella Waterfall which is more popular with tourists. In the Hindu legend of the Ramayana, it is said that the Demon King of Sri Lanka Ravana lived here for some years. He abducted Princess Sita, wife of the Indian Lord Rama and kept her trapped here before confining her to the garden of Ashoka Vatika, also close to Ella.

Rawana Water Fall

Away 13 Km from Ornateview

The Ravana Ella (Ravana Falls) is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Sri Lanka. This popular falls has its roots connected to the famous Indian epic, the Ramayana. The Ravana Ella (Ravana Falls) has been named after the brawny daemon, Ravana. According to the epic, it is said that after kidnapping Sita, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka had hidden her at the caves behind this waterfall. The cave came to be known as Ravana Ella cave. The place was at that time thick afforested region in the midst of wilderness. It is believed that Rama’s queen wandered around this place while she was confined. She also bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from these Ravana Falls

Demodara Loop

Away 9.5 Km from Ornateview

It is said that the idea of this loop was a sudden inspiration that occurred to the engineers who masterminded the railway line, when they observed the Kangany who was supervising the workers, undo his ‘talappa’ (head gear) and re-tie it round his head. We walked along the railway line in front of the station, through the tunnel, climbed up a rugged foot path which is almost perpendicular to the railway line and ended at the Spring Valley Road opposite the Demodara Railway Station. Water is dripping from the Tunnel, some of the Railway sleepers are loose and inside the tunnel it is somewhat dark even at noon with the blazing sun.

Dunhida Waterfall

Away 21.3 Km from Ornateview

Dunhinda is considered to be one of the most enchanting falls in Sri Lanka and is in close proximity to Badulla town. The water resembles a thin cloud as it cascades 63m downwards into a large pool. The backdrop to the fall is known as ‘Dunhinda Adaviya’. ‘Dunhinda’ translates to ‘spraying/vapour waterfall’ – the word ‘dun’ means ‘gave/was given’, while ‘hinda’ means ‘evaporate’.

This fall is steeped in history. The area was once inhabited by indigenous people – the Veddha tribe. During the time of King Rajasinhe, a giant fern got stuck at the top of the fall, between two mountains. This acted as a dam, which resulted in the flooding of Badulla town.

Ella Rock

Away 9 Km from Ornateview

Ella rock is a great place for a small adventure travel as you can explore a large entire area with hiking, walking and enjoying. The easiest way to the Ella rock begins from a train rail track, go along the tracks away from city for about 1.5 km until you meet a small waterfall. Even Some foreign tourists say that it was the 1st time that they got to walk on a railway.

Any way you will need a local guide to reach the place. Because of there are may be approximately 20 different routes to reach the rock. But there are so many evasive, tricky tourist guiders like foxes. With spectacular views surrounding country side of Ella rock well worth the effort

Adisham Bungalow

Away 27 Km from Ornateview

A four km drive from Haputale will lead you to Adisham, a monastery run by Benedictine Monks. Wrapped in the tranquility of the misty hills, Adisham Bungalow attracts every eye that falls on it. The pages of history reveal that the creator of this enthralling place is Sir Thomas Lister Villiers. Sir Thomas Lister Villiers was born in 1869 in Adisham, an ancient village which lies in the hollow of the Kent country side. He was the son of Reverend Prebendary Henry Montegu Villiers who belonged to Clarendon family and his mother was Lady Victoria Russell the daughter of (Grandfather of Sir Thomas Lister Villiers) who was twice the prime minister of Britain (1846 – 52, & 1865 – 66). As leader of the Whig party, he was most responsible for changing its name to the Liberal Party

Kinellan Tea factory

Away 6 Km from Ornateview

The Kinellan Tea factory, a short distance away from the town of Ella. Ella is an interesting place as it is on a plateau which suddenly drops away to the coastal plain at the 'Ella Gap' On a clear day you can stand high up on the plateau and look down through the Ella Gap to the coast.

This is typical architecture and a typical setting for a tea factory. An big airy building with corrugated iron or asbestos (?) walls and roof. After the tea is picked by hand, everything to turn it into the finished tea product (except maybe the final packaging) is done inside.

Amba Estate

Away 18.5 Km from Ornateview

Amba Estate is an organic farm and guest house near Ella, Sri Lanka. Working with our local community, we produce artisanal teas, spices and preserves.

Amba Estate produces a range of artisan, hand-made teas, coffee, spices and preserves. We partner with the local community to support a variety of educational, economic and environmental programmes. Guests have the opportunity to stay in the 100 year old farm house and learn about organic farming and how handcrafted teas and other products are made.

Newburg Estate

Away 8 Km from Ornateview

The Newburg Estate is established in 1884, and the factory in 1903. It is one of the best green tea factories of Sri Lanka. Newburgh Green Tea Factory owned by Finlays- one of the globe’s biggest tea producers. There you can find out how tea is made from start to finish. You can buy and taste the many sorts advanced-high-quality green tea, sparkling from the factory itself. Administration and organization of this factory are extraordinary different as compared to the other tea factories. It produce a selection of finest and fine green tea, specializes in Chinese-style panned green tea. Newburg green tea is the purest and cleanest tea to be had inside the market, exports this tea to over 40 international locations around the world. This factory utilize the best buds of tea, from their personal Nahavila estate tea gardens. They ensure that no outdoor resources are blended into this

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